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Car mould

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JSL MOULD is professional for the car mould manufacturing.we have rich experience in car interior and exterior mould maing.Our mould production range include the car bumper,instrument panel,dashboard,fan shroud,radiator tank ,wheel eyebrow,grille,battery case and so on

JSL MOULD produce bumper moulds for international automotive OEM brands.One of the special features of JSL MOULD is our short development time enabling us to bring to market new products in a short time.We use high quality Import steel material, valve gate hot runner system and best cooling system to make a high standard quality automotive bumper mould.

JSL have rich experience in manufacturing in battery case mould ,motorcycle battery case mould ,automotive battery case mould 
We are professional battery case mould manufacturer with best mould design . we use high quality mould base ,cavity ,core steel H13 with Copper beryllium insert to ensure fast heat transferring .7 DROPS YUDO hot runner system to guarantee the wall thickness evenly.
Each insert we polish by hand to avoid any demolding scratch happen Efficient cooling system to make the cycle time 55s per shot.Long time continuous mould testing to ensure the mould will have nice performance in customer’s factory
The battery case mould we made can make the side ledges insert interchangeable on the mould without download from the injection machine. 
Till now we have made several automotive battery case mould and motorcycle battery case mould ,each is NS 40 SMF ,N55 ,NS 60 SMF ,N70 SMF,MULTI FIT 

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