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JSL-Compression molds ( pressing tools )
Compression mold is one of business, JSL specialties in SMC mould / BMC mould / GMT mould / LFT/ mould / SymaLITE mould / CFRP mould for many years. We have the advanced machines to guarantee these compressing molds (pressing moulds) with high quality. 

Compression molding parts introduction
JSL can make many types of compressing moulds (pressing tools) including SMC moulds, BMC moulds, GMT mould, LFT moulds, SymaLITE moulds, etc.
At the moment, JSL has cooperated with the top automotive manufacturer and their OEM, and are developing the newest pressing molds and composite mold.

Advantages and Application of pressing moulds
Very large pressing moulds parts (>250 lbs) can be produced with minimal fiberglass degradation, yielding the strongest parts of all molding processes.
Material can be placed in the cavity to achieve optimum fiber orientation in critical strength locations – the process is not limited by gate locations.
Dissimilar materials can be placed in the mold, such as glass mat or uni-directional glass to improve part strength.
An economical choice for small (<1,000) to very large volumes using single or multiple cavity tooling.
The pressing molding parts have been used in many kinds of phases, such as rocket, plane, golf driver, automotive, construction and so on.

What JSL can do for you?
 JSL can provide customers with trial tool, small quantity production and serial production tool. Meanwhile, JSL not only assist technical support, but also recommend material and pressing machine manufacturer in order to be sure the large quantity production for customers, if they have less experience in this area.
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