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JSLMOULD could customize the new injection mould for different capacity Air cooler plastic moulds,like the Industrial air cooler;desert air cooler;tower fan,and etc.


Project Information
Product Description
Part Name Air cooler mould
Part Material PP
Part Size(MM) 765*550*800
Mould Steel
A plate S50C
B plate S50C
Cavity Insert 2738 ( HRC 34-38 )
Core Insert 2738 ( HRC 34-38 )
Slider Insert 2738 ( HRC 34-38 )
Ejector Plate S50C
Spare Parts S50C
Mould Description
Mould Size (L*W*H MM) 1150*1120*1050
Mould Gross Weight (KGs) 1000
Mould Life Time (Shots) 500,000
Mould Manufacturing Cycle 70 days
Surface Finish polishing
Runner Description Hotrunner
Injection Gate Type Side gate
Ejection System Ejector pin
Cycle Time (Second) 100s
Injection moulding machine 1000T
air cooler design1
air cooler design14
air cooler design13
air cooler design15
air cooler design12
air cooler mold20
air cooler mold19
air cooler mold13
air cooler mold12
air cooler mold16
air cooler mold14
air cooler mold15
air cooler mold18
air cooler mold17
air cooler23
air cooler mold5
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air cooler5
tower fan
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